CaSSOA Members

Breckland Storage Ltd is proud to have Gold Award status for the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) and continue to provide a very high standard of security as required by CaSSOA for which we are inspected on an annual basis.

The aims of CaSSOA are:

• To act as a nationally recognised body providing an official register of safe and secure storage sites.
• To help site owners improve their security and services, to prevent caravan crime.
• To provide a strong lobbying voice to influence the views of people who make a difference in caravanning.
• To reassure caravan owner’s they can be confident that every CaSSOA site has taken reasonable measures to protect the stored caravans.

We work extremely close with the Caravan Club and if you are a member of the organisation you should find that storing your vehicle with us as Gold Award holders could be beneficial when it comes to your insurance. Most insurance companies look favourably to people storing their caravans or motor homes on a secure site rather than at their own property.

If you require an Insurance Quote please let us know as we can provide you with the contact details of some insurance companies.