Welcome to Breckland Caravan Storage

As caravanning, camping and motorhoming is becoming ever more popular, so is the unfortunate truth that more and more vehicles are being stolen each year from either outside the owner’s own home or from many holiday sites across the United Kingdom.
The theft of caravans is often a very distressful experience with very few vehicles ever being recovered.
Another threat to all caravan and motorhome owners, who keep their vehicles at their own home, is the potential threat of burglary when your van is in use and absent from your property.

Here at Breckland storage we feel we can provide all caravan and motorhome owners complete peace of mind with a safe and secure environment for their vehicles.

Storage Types

At Breckland Storage we try our best to accommodate all our customers’ needs with a safe and reliable storage for their vehicles.
We have available plots suitable to accommodate both Caravans and Motorhomes. Each plot is individually numbered and allocated to a customer.  Storage contracts agreements can be taken out on an annual, 6 monthly or monthly basis.

Breckland Storage’s perimeter is completely enclosed with full height fencing and around the clock CCTV cameras. The owners live on site and access to all storage plots is only available by an electronic key fob which is issued to a customer on completion of them signing a plot agreement. A small deposit is required for the fob, which is fully refunded on its return.